Jul 24

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I thought I should start with a reminder that a protective style is a hair style that does not require heat  or too much manipulation (combing, pulling) to achieve.

It should keep hair off the shoulders and protect the hair from exposure to the elements, especially at the ends.  This basically means that the ends of the hair which are the oldest and weakest parts of our hair should be tucked away or hidden to prevent it from getting dry by exposure to the sun and wind, or from getting damaged from rubbing on your shoulders and clothes.

I created the above hair style when heading out for lunch with a few friends.  Please see the pictorial below which shows how you can recreate the style.

 pictorial 8





HAIR + STYLE Pictorial3


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  1. Imoteda

    Hey hun.

    How are about protective hair styles for people with super short hair. It’s hard to achieve cute hair when you have short hair without combing gelling blah blah blah

  2. Shirley G

    Hi I am so glad I found your web site. I am I the process of growing my hair again. I use to have long hair . I made the bright decision to get a sew in and didn’t kow that my hair would lock when I took it out. It did and now it dosent even come to my shoulders. I have since been getting it braided. What products can I use to help with mositure and growth. I will section and bread from now on when I wash and condition. How long should I leave the braids in before redoing them and should I give my hair a break from braids because I enjoy wearing wigs also.

    Thank you so much for your time and wonderful advise that you provide.


    Shirlee G.

    1. Lade

      Sorry about the problems you’ve had with your hair. There some blog post on the blog home page which address hair care in extensions which you should find useful.
      when I am wearing my wigs I redo my box braids every three weeks, this works for ME but you need to evaluate your hair and try to do what its best for your hair. If you notice any sign of matting then you probably need to redo the box braids.


  3. cookie

    what about crochet braids? I’m suggesting it, since its a protective hair style I’ve heard about

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