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                                            ABOUT ME                        

Rollerset 3


I am Nigerian, born and raised.  After completing secondary school, I moved to the UK where I completed my A ‘levels, university, law school and a few years of work.  I moved back to Nigeria in September 2012.

I have always been obsessed with hair.  As a child, I secretly wanted to be a hairdresser but that was not the sort of thing one could easily admit to the average Nigerian parent.   Although I followed another career path, my curiosity about black hair never went away.  It is this curiosity that led to me starting a hair journey and ultimately to the creation of Hairducation.

Besides being hair obsessed, I am an art lover (I paint from time to time), a wannabe photographer (It’s a skill I’ve always wanted to learn) and a keen traveller.  I am also a co-founder of Hair by Type 4, a Lagos based company which produces a collection of wigs  and also offers a custom wig making service.


About Me 2

I grew up believing all the popular myths about black hair.  I was convinced that afro textured hair rarely grew past shoulder length and that only a lucky few were blessed to be exceptions to that rule.  I thought that having long hair had to be in your genes otherwise growing it was not really possible.  I thought that high levels of breakage was “normal “ for black hair and after several failed attempts to grow my  hair, I concluded that it could not grow past shoulder length.

On a random weekend in July 2009, a close friend told me that she had seen several African American ladies with hair down to there on the internet.  My reaction was “oh please, I am sure they are mixed or just born with long hair”.
Nevertheless, I was intrigued.  I visited several hair care forums, did tons of research, read books and actively learnt how to care for black hair.

 I started a healthy hair journey in October 2009 by creating a wig based hair regimen which I still follow.  My goal length at the beginning of my journey was armpit length hair.  Deep down I still doubted that my hair was capable of growing to or beyond that length.  Three and half years later I have waist length hair and I am still growing.  My hair looks healthier and is thicker than it has ever been.

The information I have learnt about black hair care has worked positively for me.    I created Hairducation because of my desire to pay it forward – to share the information I have learnt hoping that it will benefit other ladies who want to resolve their hair issues and are interested attaining longer hair the authentic way – by caring for it.



The Transformation!

Hairducation has been created for:

1) Ladies who are interested in learning the do’s and don’ts of caring for their hair.

2) Ladies who are interested in growing their hair and are willing to put in the effort required.

The aim is to encourage ladies to take some responsibility for the care of  their hair and to support them by providing facts from which they can make informed hair care and hair styling choices.
Please note that the information provided on Hairducation should be viewed as guidance and not as rules.
The advice is general and readers should personalise it to suit their lifestyle, the needs of their hair and their hair goals.




To prevent confusion and to gain a structured understanding on the basics of hair care, I suggest that you read through the contents of this site in the following order;

1) Beginners Guide

2) How to Care for Black Hair (from Cleansing through to Start your Hair Journey)
 Please Note: trying to learn and understand all the information in one day may lead to information overload so take your time ladies.  I would suggest that you read through the above contents over a week or two.

3) Weekly blog posts (which will provide further helpful and light hearted information to keep you motivated and entertained on your journey)



Please note that I am not a Tricholigist.  The information on this site is a compilation of my personal research and practices I have learnt or developed.  I cannot guarantee that the advice and techniques shared on this blog will definitely work for you.  I also cannot guarantee that the products recommended on this site will be compatible with your hair.

All photos belong to me except otherwise stated.  No copyright infringement is intended on any image that does not feature myself.

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  1. Jennifer

    Pls how do i get your type of wigs

  2. Lade

    Hello Jennifer

    To order a Hair by Type 4 wig please send an email to
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Jules Asue

    I like what i see . And will like to grow my hair through your advice.

    1. Lade

      Thanks Jules

      If I did it anyone can.
      I hope it goes well for you.

      Keep me posted.


  4. chinny

    It’s really difficult starting this journey, God help me

    1. Lade

      Hello Chinny

      It can seem difficult because there is so much information to take it.
      Before I started my journey, I spent weeks reading and getting familiar with information on how to care for black hair.
      That way when I actually started my hair journey I had a good grip of what to do. This made it easier for me to start.

      I hope that helps a lil bit.


  5. keisha hall

    I will like to long hair my hair is coming out bad so can u help me

    1. Lade

      Hello Keisha

      My advice would be to start by being as healthy as possible, eat right, drink enough water, exercise. Hair can be a reflection of your overall health. Healthy hair starts from within.
      The next thing you need is a hair regimen. Please read the contents of the How To Care for Black hair Page.

      Good luck hun

  6. carla

    I wanna know what you did to make ur that long… My hair is passed my shoulders it grows so far then it stops…. Can you please email me …

    1. Lade

      Hello Carla

      Everything I did to prevent breakage and keep my hair healthy can be found on this blog.

      If your hair seems to stop growing at shoulder length it is possible that you need to review your hair styles. Do you leave your own hair down a lot. If you do, it will rub on your shoulders and clothes which would cause split ends and breakage.

      Please read the contents of the How to care for black hair guide.

      Hope this helps


  7. Marie

    where do i purchase the products for my hair

    1. Lade

      Hello Marie

      I am not sure where you are based.
      You can look for them at beauty supply or black hair shops in your area…..or amazon.


  8. Felicia Hinkle

    I was wonder how can I get my hair back that length of your hair cause I love long hair and I want mines back

    1. Lade

      Hello Felicia

      A good hair regimen, consistency and time usually results in long healthy hair. That’s what worked for me.
      All the best.


  9. Nev

    I absolutely love your Hair Story on Jen’s JustGrowAlready blog. Jen is super inspiring to the point where my hubby wants me to have hair like hers. You are the first one of her hair featured persons that actually amazed me with your progress. I have so many questions I want to ask, but for now I’m saying that I like your hair and blog and keep up the good work.


    1. Lade


      Thank you for the super sweet and motivating compliments. I really do appreciate it. Jens hair is absolutely FAB and helps keep me motivated on my hair journey.

      I’ll be happy to help with your questions as far as possible.


  10. Angelica W

    Do u perm your hair at all? Also how often do you straighten your hair?

    1. Lade

      Hello Angelica

      lol….yes I do. I texlax my hair every 20 weeks. but i leave as much kink in my hair. I love my hair to look like natural hair that been blow dried.
      No I don’t straighten my hair. Bone straight hair doesn’t suit me. I think it looks great on other ladies but I just don’t think it looks good on me.

      Oh and I avoid direct heat as much as possible.


  11. charae

    I had my hair cut and I want it to how a little faster. What can I use to get it back to my shoulders?

    1. Lade

      Hello Charae

      I would suggest that you start by having a hair regimen that works for your hair and your lifestyle. Also make sure you eat well, drink water, exercise, etc.
      Remember products will not grow your hair. hair growth is an on-going natural process (if you are healthy). What you need to focus on is preventing breakage.
      Read the contents of the How to Care for Black Hair tab for tips on how to prevent breakage.


  12. Chrystal

    I absolutely love your hair! My hair is natural so I find the need to press/flat iron it regularly to keep it straight and manageable. My hair has been breaking off a lot!. When I comb my hair, not only do I have shedding, I can see shorter broken stands of hair as well. I have recently reduced the amount of heat used but I am not seeing much of a change. Because I am not straightening it anymore, it is that much harder to detangle. Im not sure if my hair needs protein or moisture. Furthermore, I dont know how to really balance the two. Any suggestions?

    1. Lade

      Hello Chrystal

      Thank you for the compliment. I am texlaxed but I haven’t pressed my entire hair in about 4 years.

      Direct heat should not be used regularly so its good that you have reduced it. however maybe you should give your hair a total break from direct heat for a while.
      Heat dries out hair and also weakens the protein bonds in our hair. You are natural so although normally you wouldn’t need too much protein in your hair, because of the heat damage I think you may have you probably need both protein and moisture at the moment. Read this guide on protein and moisture balancing.

      Try to detangle your hair gently in sections and used a detangler, main and tail detangler, in my opinion is fab.

      hope that helps

  13. Fifi

    Hi! Sent you an email regarding your u-part wigs…..kindly respond

    1. Lade

      Hello Fifi

      The emails in our inbox have been responded to but I will log in to see if more have come through. So you may have already been responded to or you will be getting a response shortly. We are receiving large amounts of emails and are trying to respond to them all as soon as possible.

      Thanks for your patience.

  14. Linda

    Hi Omolade,
    I’m very much looking forward to starting my hair journey, however I was wondering if you had any tips on how I can care for my daughters hair.

    She’s only 10 weeks old so I know the products featured would be way too strong for her, but is there anything you can recommend wether it be for now or when she’s more than year old?

    Thank you and I think it’s brilliant that you have decided to share your findings with the rest of us

    Linda xxx

    1. Lade

      Hello Linda

      Firstly congrats on your bundle of joy. I read your comments and just couldn’t stop saying awwwww to myself.

      A few tips I would suggest is that because she is so young you may can try co-washing her hair instead of washing with a shampoo. Co-washing is when a very light/liquidy conditioner is applied to the hair, massaged through and then rinsed out. A very mild and light moisturiser can then be used as the leave in.

      When she gets older and her hair is much thicker you can start to use a mild sulphate free shampoo and a moisturising conditioner. You can also try a slightly thicker hair lotion when she is older and maybe a light oil to seal.

      I don’t want to give you names of products to use because i don’t want to risk recommending something she may react to but i would say look for conditioners, lotions that have as many natural ingredients as possible. avoid ones that just contain greasy items like petroleum/petrolatum or mineral oil. also avoid products that have tons of different chemicals listed. the more natural and simple the better.

      Thanks for your compliment on the blog and let me know how it goes.


  15. Jessica

    Hi Omolade,
    First of all I want to thank you for even sharing this and encouraging us black girls.. Not only does this encourage me it has also been a source of encouragement. I’m the type of person determined to go a long way to achieve this as long as I know that the end result would be worth it. My hair has been damaged with too much heat and application of relaxers and chemicals. Please could I get a link or know how to get the book where you put down all tips and information that can help. And how you achieved your long hair. Please I would be very grateful for your response. You are really awesome.

    1. Lade

      Hello Jessica

      Your comment is so lovely, thank you. I am glad you’ve decided to try taking good care of your hair. I don’t have a book. The advice and tips I share can be found here on Hairducation. Please read the contents of the How to care for Black hair section.

      Good luck hun.


  16. Marie

    Love, Love, Love your hair.

    I started my texlaxed journey in July. My question is: Is it possible to grow your hair to your length and without wearing wigs. I wore wig for a good 1 year when I was natural 4 years ago and although my hair grew and was healthy the wigs tore up my edges. I never want to go that route again. Is

    My question is:

    Is it possible to just wear the bun as a protective style and achieve health and length? .

    My current routine is:

    1) Finger comb throughout the week. I only comb with a detangling comb on wash days

    2)Wash with moisturizing shampoo, aphogee 2 min reconstructor and deep cond with heat for 10 min.
    3) Apply infusium 23 leave in conditioner & blow dry on the cool setting using the tension only method.

    Also, how do you bun with chin length hair?

    1. Lade

      Hello Marie

      Thanks for loving my hair, lol.

      Yes you can achieve healthy hair without wearing wigs, protective styling is a big part of healthy hair care and I personally find that wearing wigs works well for me and gives me a break from an intense hair care routine. Also I texlax every 5 months. Wigs help me soooooooo much with my long stretches.

      Its a shame your edges got damaged when you wore wigs in the past. I don’t know what type of wig you wore and what you did with your hair underneath. I personally only wear U-part wigs because they are more believable looking AND the wig is NOT placed on my hairline. The U-part wig does not rub or pull on my hairline at all so I have not experienced hair loss as a result of wearing them.

      There’s are so many types of protective styles you can do it does not have to be buns. You can used hair pins and clips to create updo styles. Just try to be creative
      If your hair is not long enough to go into a bun you shouldn’t pull it or force it into bun, that will do more harm than good.

      Hope that helps

  17. Marie

    … Ooops.. I also forgot to mention that I do Aphogee 2 step protein treatment every 2 months and I use Rouxy Porosity control as needed.

  18. Delores

    Hi Lade,

    i recently sent you a message about all the women and girls( 1 yr, 6yr, 9 yr, and 27 yrs) living in my home. can ou please suggest some styles that I can do in the girls hair after i rinse the deep conditioner out.

  19. Queeniejul

    Hi Lade,

    Thanks for sharing your hair journey and showing how you have achieved your hair length over the past 5 years. I was wondering why you relax your hair. Is it to help your hair grow or is it to make it more manageable? I ask this because so many sisters have damaged their hair by relaxing/perming their hair.

    Best wishes,

  20. Lade

    Hello Queeniejul

    I am happy to share my 4 hair journey and hope that I am helping to spread the message that hair health comes before hair length.

    Relaxing hair does NOT make it grow longer and I DON’T believe healthy relaxed hair is more manageable than natural hair. If you ask me healthy hair, whether relaxed or natural takes work.

    I am sorry your sister have experienced damage from relaxing. If they relax their hair too often, go to professionals who apply the relaxers incorrectly or don’t have a healthy hair regimen then there is a very high chance that they will experience hair loss.
    A lot of ladies think relaxers are the root of their hair problems but I believe lack of information is the biggest cause of hair loss.

    Please encourage them to start a healthy hair journey whether natural or relaxed.


  21. Tolu

    Hi, Is there a way to subscriber to your blog so one can get alerts when there’s an update? I can’t seem too find a subscriber or follow button. . .

  22. Eviyin

    Hi Lade:
    An interesting Website and Blog you have here, I’m impressed.
    I am going to need your help in continuing my hair journey. I have started to grow my natural hair (January 2012) and i have textured it twice since then. I’ve no time wash and style (leave it out) so I single braid every now and then. Moreover, the cold in Toronto is brutal in the winter. It is now winter here, and my hair line is thinning and breaking. I have braids on right now which I’m taking off this weekend. What is my next step? I can send you pictures so you see what I mean.

    I am ready to do what it takes to grow my hair like yours. My wish is to have it to your current length in two years (in time for my wedding – I REFUSE to use extensions or wig). So Lade, will you take this desperate sister through this journey, hand in hand?


  23. marie claude

    Do you take any vitamins for you hair ?

    1. Lade

      Sorry for the late response
      Just reading this properly today
      No I don’t take any vitamins

  24. Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

    Your hair is gorgeous!!!!

    1. Lade

      Thanks Divachyk

  25. Olwethu

    Hi Lade, I’m Olwethu I love love love your hair such an inspiration. I’m from South Africa and only 14 years old and I’m tired of being stuck at shoulder length and am ready to have my hair grow healthily down my back like the rest of white my peers. My question to you is to please suggest a regimen for me as I am so young I am unsure of how to design one or what’s right to do and what’s wrong.i world also love to hear suggestions you may have for someone so young and encouragement for me starting my hair care journey. I look forward to your reply and thank you.

    1. Lade

      Hello Olwethu
      I thought long and hard about how to answer your question because you are so young. Its great that you want to take care of your hair but of course there are so many things which are more important such as focussing on school and becoming a well rounded young woman.

      It is hard for me to create a regimen for you because I have never seen your hair, I do not know what state it is in currently, I don’t even know if your hair is natural or relaxed.
      Why not encourage your mum or who ever takes care of your hair to visit Hairducation so that they learn a little bit about hair care and can work with you to create a regimen that will work for you and your school girl life style. simply ask them to read the how to care for black hair guide on he blog. Or you can read it yourself when you have the time.

      Some tips that I can give you is to keep it simple. You might be able to get away with washing and deep conditioning your hair every every two weeks, you can also wear simple styles like cornrows (made with your hair alone, no extensions).
      I know my answer may not be exactly what you were hoping for but I hope at least that it points you in the right direction.


  26. Ope

    Hello Lade,
    Your hair is so beautiful! Just like you. Thanks for sharing all these information. It’s inspiring.
    Growing up, I was always the girl with long hair, but for over 3 years now, my hair growth has been stunted, infact it’s even cutting. Also my hair is also uneven and damaged, it’s short at the middle and some parts of the front and long at the back and some parts of the front. It’s really frustrating at times, because I’ve tried changing hair care products, but it has been to no avail. Thanks to your lovely blog, I’m learning a lot about my hair and how to take care of it appropriately.
    I look forward to commencing my hair care journey. I’m confused about whether to start in its present damaged state, or if I should transition or trim it short (and leveled) before I commence.
    Thank you.

  27. lm119

    I’m natural and thinking about texlaxing. Do you have a step by step guide for texlaxing? How often do you texlax? tia

  28. modupe

    Hello genius , you are really doing a great work. My hair is natural and its a little bit long but I want it longer. I will love it if you can give me a method to follow . Thanks

    1. Lade

      Hello Modupe. thank you so much. Nothinng wrong with wanting longer hair. Please go to the how to care for black hair menu tab for pointers on caring for your hair and advice on starting a hair journey. Remember the key to longer hair is to care for it, prevent breakage and minimise damage.
      good luck

  29. Jenny

    Stumbled upon this site, and I am impressed by what I’ve seen. Thing is my hair’s shoulder length and will really like to grow it longer. It’s very prone to dandruff and breaking at the moment(steamed it in March). Could u send me a mail that covers materials needed and a strict regimen to follow. I’m a very young girl so restricted to readily available products. Looking foward to your reply.
    plus, ure doing a great job.

    1. Lade

      Hi Jenny
      Thank you very much for your comment. I have written about dandruff in a previous blog post, hopefully what you read may help a little bit. Please read the contents of how to care for black hair tab for tips which should help you build your hair regimen. No hair regimen should be strict, there should always be a degree of flexibility so that you give your hair what it needs.
      I always advise young readers to get their parent or whoever is responsible for caring for their hair involved in their hair journey. So perhaps you could get your mum to learn more about healthy hair care so that she can support you on your hair journey.

      Good luck

  30. Adunni

    I started ma hair jouurney by doing a bc o the 28 of nov 2012.
    Have never for once regretted it,buh I think am starting to get bored of ma afro..
    Soo I seiously need to know what texlaxing is all about,and how to go about it,without damaging ma kinks..e.g tips on products and step by step guide.

  31. Devan

    i stumbled upon this page while trying to find more ways to care for my hair. i’ve always had long hair but after i had my son, it grew to almost as long as yours (about 2.5 inches shorter). then stupid me decided to dye it. i ended up overprocessing it and had to cut it to chin length :( this has to be one of the most inspiring pages i’ve ever seen and i will definitely be using your advice to get my hair back! :)

  32. Hannah

    Hi Omolade, I love and admire your hair journey. I’m highly motivated. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m a Yoruba lady who either ‘threads’ or ‘weaves’ her hair every 2weeks. I want to embark on a hair care/treatment journey but I need lovely natural hairstyles. I thought of twisting my natural hair but its very short.
    Pls can you suggest natural styles for me because I can’t leave my natural hair undone its get hard and thicker. (You can suggest blogs or web sites too)
    PS. I started using Organic root stimulator hair fertilizer and serum this july
    Thanks for ur reply in anticipation.

  33. Tolulope

    Please. I need to learn and know more. You really love your hair

  34. Mugure

    Hi, your blog is very informative, keep it up! I have just started my hair journey and i will be relaxing my hair in two weeks time. I work out four to five times a week and end up with very wet hair/sweat.Should I therefore wash my hair more than the recommended once a week and if so do i have to deep condition after each wash?

    Help a sister!!!

  35. Maxine Jidy

    Hi Lade I have been really inspired to begin a hair journey. I started today and I’m really excited but my scalp is very itchy. Is there anything you will recommend?

    1. Isha Douglas

      I have learnt so much from your website and I’m proud to say that with your advise I have started my hair journey and I’m seeing great improvements thus far…Thank you and keep up the good work…

  36. Destiny

    how long did it take for your hair to grow to you waist because my hair is a little bit past my shoulders

  37. Damola

    Your hair is so amazing, and I’m so glad I found your blog. Thanks for encouraging me to grow my hair beyond what I always assumed was the max length possible [bsl, I think]. xxx

    1. Lade

      Thank you for such a lovely comment. Its very encouraging and motivates me to keep Hairducation going.
      I hope your hair journey goes well

  38. Nancy

    All I can say is….THANK YOU! THANK YOU soooo much for this.

    1. Lade

      My pleasure Nancy

      Happy hair journey

  39. olamide

    Hullo lade i’m loving your hair mucho

    1. Lade

      thank you so so much :)

  40. khemmy

    I want to grow my hair as long as possible

  41. zaezi

    Sista .
    I started “doing my own hair 6-7 months ago , after getting fed up with salons and how much dey do not really care about hair health. I hated every procedure ,they way they ruffle hair when washin, the way they force comb thru wet hair , tear the hair mercilessly and to top it all tell u how bad bad ur ends are and how much they need trimming. It made me want to scream at dem:” whose fault is it after mishandling my hair?!!.” I chopped of my hair to the length of middle finger and bought products and started doing my own hair at home and my hair has never thanked me much. I managed to convince my mum and my sister and im now the “hairdresser of the house.” Theyv also never stepped in the salon again for 6 months.
    To cut a long story short, this is to thank you for teaching me to wash my hair in braids . Sister God bless u for common sense. I hated wash days, Cause my hair texture is lyk urs and tangles miserably after wash. I take hours to detangle. Sometimes I get tired, stop to do oda things and cm back to detangle. Ive done the washing in braids twice and im amazed at how very little almost no hair is shed. Washing in braids is the best thing that ever happened to my hair since I started my journey. Im Ghanaian so Medaase ! (thank you!)

    1. Lade

      Hello Zaezi
      I am just reading your comment now and I am so so touched. Thank you so much.
      I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about you and your families hair jouney and I am encouraged to keep the blog going especially when I know that it IS making a difference to other ladies.
      washing in braids for me is a life saver….or should in say hair saver and I am happy it works for you too.
      Happy hair journey to you my dear and Medaase

  42. KAT

    Hi Lade,
    I really hope you are able to help on this. I have battled with no hair on my frontline almost all my life. Its so annoying and through your blog and my hopes just got rekindled. Is there any way you can help or is it simply the nature of my hair ? Pls reply.

    1. Lade

      Hello Kat
      I am sorry about the issues you have had with your hairline.
      I do not know your hair history so there is know way I can advice on what the nature of your hair is. I don’t know if your hair line has beed damaged from years of damage from your hair style choices or if you genetically have a very sparse hairline. either way what I do advice is that you read the contents of the how to care for black hair guide on this blog. This will help you review how you have cared for your hair over the years and then you will be able to determine for yourself if your hair line is damaged or not. It will also help you avoid losing more hair by following a healthy hair regimen.
      Some ladies regrow their hairline by regularly massaging it with black castor oil mixed with a few drops of peppermint oil for many months. Perhaps you could see a thricologist depending on how severe the hair loss on your hair line is.
      I am not sure ive been of much help but I do hope you are able to resolve this issue and feel confident with your hair.

  43. precious

    hi, pls i dnt know if help me with how to get a good relaxer. maybe a preferred list. tnx

  44. Blessing

    hi.gud evening.I have been batting with hair
    issues for a long time now. my hair is always
    cutting or breaking especially when i loosen
    the attachment or weavon i put on. my mun
    has even told me that i should be thankful for
    the little hair i have because when i was born
    i barely had hair. what do u think? is there a ray of
    hope for me.

  45. ajie courage

    Hello, gd morning. Is your hair relaxed nd if yes ow often do u relax it.

    1. Lade

      hello Ajie

      yes my hair is relaxed but I don’t let it get too straight.
      I relax my hair 2 or 3 times a year.

  46. Jules

    Hey I watched you on moments, I’m having issues with my hair
    So I natural for about two years then I put texturiser in it last January and I hated my hair ever since it breaks and frizzs. I just want my nappy her back though I see some growth cause it been one year now what do I do ? What hair products can I use to get me back to my natural hair

    1. Lade

      hello Jules

      thank you for stopping and for your comment.

      The only way your hair can return to being natural is if you cut off the texturised hair. hair that has been chemically processed cannot turn back natural so I can only recommend that you transition back to natural hair by trimming off the chemically processed hair little by little.

      I hope that helps

  47. akinbuli ifeoluwa

    Please I don’t understand, can u please send me how You do it?

  48. Busayomi

    Help Help Help
    I have a very scanty hair and a bald head…i nid a miracle..pls elp

  49. preye

    Hi lade
    Good pm! pls I need help on my hair,its breaking, and getting short and weak,i relax it once in every three months ve try a lot just to help it grow but it not working,pls help me out. Cos it’s annoying I can’t even pack it again. Pls help.

    1. Lade

      Hello Preye

      Sorry for the late response. the best thing you can do is learn how to care for your hair.
      I have written how to in some blog posts which you can find by clicking on this link

      Also learn how to care for your hair when wearing braids and weaves by reading the posts
      in the following links

      best of luck

  50. inivie

    Hi pls I need help. My hair is breaking and I’m losing my front has been this way for more than five years and its getting worse. Pls help me

    1. Lade

      Hello Invie

      Sorry for the late response. the best thing you can do is learn how to care for your hair.
      I have written how to in some blog posts which you can find by clicking on this link

      Also learn how to care for your hair when wearing braids and weaves by reading the posts
      in the following links

      best of luck

  51. shanta

    Good evening Lade!!! Your work is really amazing n can’t wait to start my hair journey too….Really short of words. you are blessed dearie!!!I am happy I find you….please how can I reach you and the type of wigs you are talking about dear,is it for sale or you do convert weavons to wigs? Thanks a lot as I await your reply…Cheers

    1. Lade

      Thank you sooooo much Shanta for all your encouraging words. Sorry for the late response, I am just reading your comment now. Please send an email to for information about wigs.

      best of luck on your hair journey

  52. shanta

    Good evening Lade,I love what I am seeing,may God bless the work of your hands. I can’t wait to start my hair journey dearie…All what you said about hair is 100% correct n I am a witness to that. My hair those not pass my shoulder length and also breakage is like normal thing for my hair now! Please how can I reach you to start my hair journey? And secondly,please about the wig tin,do you sell wigs or you do convert weavons to wigs??? Thanks a lot as I await your reply.Cheers

  53. Ruqayya

    How do I grow my hair it doesn’t grow it has been the same length for more than 3years it doesn’t grow and it breaks and cuts played help

    1. Lade

      hello Ruqayya

      it seems like your hair is breaking and this is probably why it has been the same length for may years.

      You should learn how to care for your and start a hair journey by reading the contents of this link

      best of luck

  54. Dacia

    Hello. I’m currently on a healthy hair journey but I’m having trouble with thickness. My hair has grown considerably but it’s very thin. I don’t have thinning’s just thin from the roots to the ends. How can I solve this problem?

    1. Lade

      Hello Darcia

      The fullness/thickness or overall density of our hair is genetically pre-determined.
      IF you are taking good care of your hair ( ie have a good regimen) and are experiencing very little breakage and “normal” shedding rates then the fullness of your hair currently may be how full it is capable of being. I hope that makes sense.

      If you are experiencing high levels of breakage and shedding then maybe something is wrong with your regimen.

      If your hair is relaxed texlaxing can make your hair appear fuller.

  55. Judy

    Hello Lade…Thanks For Sharing Your Haircare Journey. I Will Be Using Your Information For My Haircare/My Continue Haircare Journey.

    Sincerely Thanks,

    1. Lade

      My pleasure Judy.
      I hope you have a great hair journey

  56. cherrie

    hi, lade please could you help me. I have followed all that u had to offer on this blog but my mom failed to relax my hair properly. some of my hair is still natural and its breaking. A LOT. what can I do? Looking forward to your reply. thank you

    1. Lade

      Hello Cherrie

      I suggest the following, deep condition your hair regularly until, the breakage reduces.
      click this link to learn about different types of conditioners and how to use them

      Also if your mum hasn’t quite gotten the hang of relaxing it may be best if you go to a good salon that can relax your hair properly in the future. You may need what is known as a corrective relaxer.

      hope that helps

  57. Anita Nice

    please what can you recommend i use for my hair; as it breaks. And i also want my hair to grow as well. What do i do? Or what hair lotions or treatment do i need for my hair? By the way your hair looks amazing.

  58. linda amushie

    good evening dear. i really need your advice. I recently started texlaxing. But my hair is very thick. How do i manage my texlaxed hair. I am so confused i am considering relaxing even when i know that the colour of my hair will change to brown. Please reply

    1. Lade

      Hello Linda

      Thanks for your comment. I have texlaxed hair too although it may not be as thick as your. Please read through the contents of the How to care for black hair section of Hairducation.
      The advice I give there is what I do for my hair and it works for me. You can use different products and experiment a bit with technique till you find what works for you.

      Hope this helps


  59. Ruth

    nice work Lade, have been visiting and following your blog for 2years now since i come across it and it has being really helping and inspiring me, the thing is i don’t know if i am progressing or not, my hair was a little past shoulder length before i started the hair journey, that was October 2014, now its bra strap length and that was after retouching, now that there are new growths it went back to a little past shoulder length,and i sometimes experience breakage your advice is needed pls, i use home remedy deep conditioner (egg yolk and olive oil sometimes egg white) my last retouch was on Dec 2015. pls keep me posted. thanks

    1. Lade

      Hello Ruth

      Sorry for my late response.
      It is normal for hair to look shorter when you have a lot of new growth. You can compare lengths when you get your next relaxer.
      If your hair is much shorter than bra strap then something may have gone wrong with your regimen or on your stretch and you will have to try to figure out what went wrong so that it doesn’t happen again.

      If you relax your hair and it is a little past bsl, it means that you have retained your length and that your regimen is working well.

      Hope that helps

  60. timilehin

    Hello lade I started my hair journey last week but my hair is already a chin length before I started please can you tell me how to braid wash my hair

    1. Lade

      Hello Timilehin

      I’ve written a blog post about how I wash my hair in braids which you can read by clicking on this link

      Hope it helps and happy hair journey


  61. timilehin

    Please am 14 years old I started my hair journey last week which relaxer the u usually use and how do you braid wash your hair

  62. Sandra

    Hello I’m a beginner here how do I start this amazing hair journey?

    1. Lade

      Hello Sandra

      Sorry for my late response
      If you haven’t already, please read the how to care for black hair section of this blog.
      It sets pout all the steps you need to complete to care for your hair.

      wishing you the best of luck with your hair journey


  63. Beauty

    Hello sister, please I want to start natural hair journey
    I need advice.

    1. Lade

      Hello Beauty

      If you haven’t already, please read the how to care for black hair section of this blog.
      It sets pout all the steps you need to complete to care for your hair.

      there are some differences in caring for natural hair as opposed to relaxed hair. You can learn about this clicking on the link below.

      wishing you the best of luck with your hair journey


  64. Honeyteey

    Hello, I had a very long hair but it got damaged, now my hair is at shoulder length. I have been following your hair journey with my hair for a year now but my hair still breaks too much and it mats after wash even a month after relaxing.

    1. Lade

      Hello Honeyteey

      Sorry about the problems you are having with your hair. please note that my regimen is simply a guide. It may work for some ladies and it may not for others.
      The practices of black hair car are cleansing, deep conditioning, leave-in conditioning, mosturising & sealing and protective styling. You need to experiment to figure how often you will complete each of the practices listed above and what products you will use until you find the right regimen for your own hair

      fingers crossed for you



  65. Salma

    Hello lade, your hair looks beautiful. i just tetlaxed my hair after 5 months and its amazing. Thanks for the tips. Please can you tell me if cantu argan oil leave in conditioner is a protein/moisturising leave in conditioner? thanks

    1. Lade

      Thank you Salma :)

      I believe the argan oil cantu is mosturising but I don’t know the ingredients off by heart so it may be best for you to do a search online just to be sure.
      hope that helps a little


  66. Ameenah

    Hi. I have issues with itchy scalp n jbco isn’t working????

    1. Lade

      Hello Ameenah

      There are soooo many things that may cause an itchy scalp…it could be dirty and need a clean, it may be dry, you may be reacting to a product, etc.
      I would say try cleansing and conditioning your hair to see if it makes the itching go away. you may also want to try a different scalp oil because JBCO makes some ladies scalp itch.
      you can try jojoba oil which is much lighter.

      hope that helps


  67. Lotus

    Hey I have relaxed hair. Have any tips for me?

    1. Lade

      Hello Lotus

      I relax my hair too :)

      Please read the How to care for black hair section for detailed tips
      best of luck

  68. Simone

    Hello Lade i loved your hair, and i would like to treat my hair that it can grow like yours one day thank u

    1. Lade

      You can do it Simone
      A good regimen, consistency and time is all your hair needs

      Cheering for you!!!

  69. Oghale

    Thanks lade God bless you

    1. Lade

      My pleasure and God bless you too



  70. Hadizah

    How can I use hair gel on my edges without it breaking my hair? please help!

  71. Ijeoma

    Oh my! This is my first comment ever, on any hair blog. I’m blown away by your hair transformation. Thank God I found this blog!

  72. gloria

    Hello lade,plz how can i win d hairfinity giveaway?i really need to try it plz….or do u mind sharing a bottle,would be very happy.i school in unn,enugu nigeria.

  73. Amyra dwivedi

    Is your hair growth actually real. I don’t want to be dissapointed later on. Sorry for my lack of faith

  74. Fatu-amie kalokoh

    Hy… I’m new Hherr.. Saw ur Instagram account n I shd say ur hair is gorgeous n u ar so beautiful..
    Startd my natural hair journey October 2015 n its crazy.. I gt tired and font know wat 2 do..
    How do I start ? I need yu 2 be my life hair coach.. 4 real tho.. Cd u plz send mi ur watsapp contact 2 my email, so we’d start 4rm there..
    Hope 2 hearing 4 u soon.
    Best regards

  75. Uneks

    Hi. Please is braiding relaxed hair traditionally healthy for the hair?

  76. linda amushie

    lade, thanks so much. i have gotten my Hair vitamins. God bless you real good.

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