Hair Update: 10 Weeks Post


Hello ladies

I haven’t done a hair update post in a while. Most of my hair update posts are relatively drama free…but not this one. I almost had a setback with my hair, I had a bun of the month fail and decided I’ve had enough and I am switching to my wig regimen.



How I Avoided a Setback

I remember talking to a client of mine in Ghana and another one here in Nigeria during our weekly catch up sessions. Both had not been able to keep up with their regimens that week for a variety of reasons.

I remember telling them I understood because off course, there are more important things about life than hair but that they should be aware that slacking on their hair regimens would have some consequence and repercussions, ie mostly tangles and a higher risk of breakage. So I encouraged them to try to get back on track.

The thing is as I was talking to them I too had not been consistent with my own hair regimen for almost two weeks because of work and other life issues I suppose. I knew what I had waiting for me and the more I neglected my hair, the more the fear of sorting it out crept :)

Eventually I sucked it up and decided to see just how much damage my neglect had done and committed to doing what was needed to salvage the situation.  Ladies!!!!!! It was bad.

My hair was severely tangled and matted. I knew I would be able to detangle it…but I knew it would take hours and hours and hours. If I didn’t take the time needed I would have had a huge setback. I started detangling my hair in small sections around 10am and wasn’t done till 7.30 pm. Yes it took me 9 hours to detangle my hair!!!!!

I had breaks in between but that is how long it took. When I am consistent with my hair regimen, it usually takes me an hour to detangle my hair which isn’t a lot when you consider the fact that my hair is over 20 inches long. Fortunately and surprisingly, I had very little breakage but that is only because I took the time to gently detangle it. Lesson learnt: consistency is a must. I don’t plan to neglect my hair that badly ever again.


Bun of the month Fail

After detangling,   I washed and conditioned my hair but didn’t have enough time to fit in a proper bun of the month hair style. I simply put my hair in a simple bun and was off to see some more clients. I had such big plans for an epic bun of the month post but with all the time spent salvaging my hair I just couldn’t fit it in. So for this month please make do with this basic big bun. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed for the bun of the month series finale in December.


Switching to My Wig Regimen

I relaxed my hair on 12th September so I am now 10 weeks post relaxer. Although I can still manage my hair I don’t have the time needed to care for hair with a lot of new growth right now.
When my hair is many weeks post relaxer, everything takes so much longer and I need to detangle more regularly. With my schedule right now, that just can’t work so it’s back to my wig regimen for the next few months. I am kind of looking forward to the mini break from my hair but at the same time I am already missing my hair even though it’s still out.
I can’t eat my cake and have it I guess.

So what has been happening with your hair ladies? Is anyone else putting their hair in a long term protective style? My next post will be an educational one about how to transition from relaxed hair to texlaxed hair.

I hope you’ll be back soon to read it.



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Have You Read My Latest Post On Bella Naija




Hello Ladies,

For anyone who is interested in learning about lye versus no lye relaxers and wants tips on which one may work better for their hair and scalp, read my latest post on Bella Naija by clicking here.
I am sure it will be helpful to so many ladies out there.

Happy reading



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Detangle, Style and Massage- My review of the Savvy & Chic Comb System



Hello ladies,

I hope you are all well.  I don’t think I do review posts often enough and plan to do a whole lot more of them going forward.  I am really excited about the items in this review because they were created by a Nigerian brand.

Naija hair can grow is one of the top hair care blogs in Nigeria which I first came across when thinking about starting my own hair care website.
Daboju (or Dabs as I like to call her) the creator of the blog is also the founder of Savvy & Chic Beauty Hub, a healthy hair care salon. I am such a huge fan of Dabs entrepreneurial spirit, her lovely personality and most importantly by how hard working she is.
I was really impressed when she announced on her Instagram that she had launched a 4 step combing system and knew immediately I would be purchasing them for personal use, to support a fellow Nigerian entrepreneur and also for review on Hairducation.

As always, I purchased the system with my own funds and intend to give my honest opinion about it.

I decided to purchase 3 out of the 4 items. The item I did not buy is a brush that I knew I would probably never use because I don’t tend to go for the super sleek look. I also knew I probably wouldn’t be able to give an accurate review of the brush as someone who never really uses hair brushes in general. On that note, I will get on with my review of the 3 items that I did buy


Edge Slick & Tame Coil Comb


In all honesty, I bought this comb out of curiosity.   It is rather distinct looking and I was curious to see the many ways I could use it. At first touch, I was impressed by and loved how sturdy it felt. I had expected it to feel flimsy.

The comb is designed to create smooth edges and can also be used for creating comb curls and locs in natural hair. As I mentioned above, I personally don’t bother to sleek down or lay my edges but I tested this comb on my hairline and it worked really well. If you are fed up of using a toothbrush to smoothen your hairline, this works very well. It can be used by relaxed, texlaxed and natural haired ladies.

I could not test the combs ability to create coils or locs because my hair is relaxed but I have seen such styles being created in salons so I know this comb will be ideal for those purposes. It is also great for creating parts which is how I use it majority of the time. I think ladies who like their edges sleek and smooth will have greater use of this than I currently do.


Tangle Ease Detangler Comb

The comb is described as an anti static comb with a firm grip guard which gently detangles knots and prevents hair breakage.
Again I like the sturdy feel of the comb and for some reason I really like the size of the comb too. The teeth of the comb is well spaced out so it is able to smooth hair enough without causing breakage like fine tooth combs often do.

The only negative thing I have to say about this comb is the way it is described, a lady who is new on a hair journey may be led to believe that this comb can be used to remove all knots and tangles and this isn’t correct. If you have loads of tight knots and tangles in your hair, you should always finger detangle it first. You can then follow up with the detangler comb to remove any loose knots or tangles that may be left in the hair and further smoothen the hair.

I have used this comb several times and I can say that after finger detangling first, it did a really good job of finishing off the detangling process and smoothening my hair without catching and snagging on my hair like some poorly manufactured combs do.


Ultimate Grow Scalp Massager


According to the description on the package, this item is for optimum blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles and will promote hair growth.

I was surprised by this item, surprised by how much I liked it. I thought i would be indifferent to it but I really enjoyed the tingling feeling I got when I used it. Some ladies may find this massager a little bit uncomfortable to use but for me it was fine.


Please note that it should not be dragged through your hair as this would cause breakage. I used it by pressing it very gently on one spot and moving my scalp (not my hair) with it in a small circular motion. I would then lift it from my scalp gently and use it on another spot. Again I really enjoyed how it made my scalp feel. I haven’t used it for long enough or consistently enough to tell whether it will boost hair growth but It certainly got blood flowing to my scalp.


The three items I purchased cost under N3000. I would certainly recommend them for ladies who want good quality hair care and hair styling combs. Well done Dabs!!!!!!!

I have a few more posts cooking and hope to upload them really soon.


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Why Using Water Alone As A Moisturiser Is Not A Good Idea


Water is nature’s best moisturiser. All good quality hair products that claim to be moisturising usually have water or aqua listed as the first substance on its ingredients list. Water softens hair and helps keep hair flexible and elastic which is essential for fighting breakage. Knowing the information above, many ladies find it surprising when they are told that water alone should not be used as a hair moisturiser. In this post I intend to explain why.


What is PH

The first thing I need to explain is what is known as PH. PH is short for Potenz Hydrogen. To avoid over complicating this post I will simply state that there is a scientifically established PH scale which ranges from 0 to 14. Many substances have been scientifically tested to establish what their PH is. Any substance that has a PH reading of 0 to 6.9 has a low PH and is classed as acidic. Any substance that has a PH reading from 7.1 to 14 has a high PH and is classed as alkaline. Please see the image below which shows the PH of some substances including water, hair and skin


From the image above, you can see that hair and skin has a PH of 4.5 to 5.5, this means that hair and skin can be classed as acidic. You can also see that water has a PH of 7 which means that it is more alkaline than our hair.


PH, Water and Hair Product

The best leave in conditioners and moisturisers for hair are those that have a PH that is the same as that of hair and skin, i.e. 4.5 -5.5. A leave-in product that has the same PH as hair helps make hair feel smooth and look healthy.

Water has a PH of 7 which is higher than that of hair and skin. So although water is a great moisturiser, water alone is NOT ideal for moisturising hair. It is not acidic enough.
Leave-in moisturising products from good hair care brands tend to be formulated to have a PH that matches our hair and this is why it tends to become smoother, shiny and lush when we moisturise our hair with them.

As a mini science experiment, I have some PH strips I bought a while back from Amazon. These strips change colour when you dip them into water based liquids. You can then compare the colour to that provided on the package of the PH strips. This will help you identify what the PH of the product is.

I took three strips and dipped one into water, one into a protein leave-in conditioner and one into a moisture leave in conditioner. The one dipped into water changed into colours that matched PH 7. The ones dipped into the leave-in conditioners changed into colours that matched PH 4 to 5.


These strips come in very handy for ladies who mix or make their own natural hair products. The homemade products can be tested using the strips to ensure that it has a PH of 4.5 to 5.5. Many ladies, especially those who have natural hair tend to mix water with aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel, glycerine and oils for use as hair mists or spritz. If you make these sorts of homemade products then you should get yourself some PH Strips.

I hope you have found this post helpful. My next post will be a bun of the month post.

Happy hair journey, come back soon.



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Tips for Managing Your Hair When On A Stretch


This picture isn’t really relevant to this post but its a good hair picture so…. :)

Hello ladies,

I really love writing educative posts especially when they give practical tips to help you manage your hair better.

Stretching your relaxer is something that is very beneficial for your hair.  It helps to minimise the risk of over processing and leads to stronger relaxed hair in the long run. Many ladies who stretch their hair tend to wear extensions ( wigs, braids, weaves, etc) when they are deep into their stretch to help cut back on the need for daily manipulation. This is because daily manipulation of hair with a lot of new growth can be time consuming and counter productive if breakage occurs when combing and detangling the hair.
The thing is this, even if you choose to wear extensions to manage your stretch, there will be days in which you still have to handle/manage/care for your hair and this can be a challenge. In this blog post I will share practical tips about how to wash, how to dry and how to style hair when you are deep into your stretch.


How to Wash Hair that has a lot of New Growth

Work in Sections
Okay ladies this tip may seem a bit recycled because it is something I always recommend for managing black hair and preventing breakage. For those who normally don’t work on their hair in sections, I assure you it will make wash day less stressful for your hair.
So on your wash day be prepared to detangle and pre-poo, wash and deep condition, apply leave-in conditioners and detangle and dry all in 2,4 or 6 sections. Working in sections helps to minimise tangles, helps you to be more gentle when combing your hair, helps ensure you apply products more thoroughly, and so on and on and on…..
The gist is that it helps you manage your wash day better.   Please note that some ladies still experience a lot of tangling when washing their hair in sections, such ladies my find washing in braids better. You can read how I wash my own hair in braids by clicking here.


Tips for Drying Hair that has a lot of New Growth

It is better for natural hair to be kept in a stretched state.  Even if you are relaxed and have a lot of new growth, it is better for your natural new growth to dry in a stretched state. This will make manipulating or combing and styling your hair easier.
After applying your leave in conditioners and detangling, it is best to dry your hair in a way that stretches out your natural new growth. If you are air drying you can try my banded base method which you can read about by clicking here



If you are blow drying,  you can try the tension blow dry method which you can watch in this video by hair care blogger and vlogger: Just Grow Already.



Tips for Styling Hair that has a lot of New Growth

If air drying, when your hair is about 50% dry, it can be put in large box braids or twists which you can unravel when your hair is fully dry. The braid out or twist out will help to camouflage the difference in textures between the new growth and relaxed length.
This style will only last for a few days and you may need to redo the twists or braids again to recreate the style, unfortunately this may be too much manipulation for hair with a lot of new growth.

If you prefer to blow dry , tension blow-drying will help stretch out the natural new growth making styling a bit easier.  Unfortunately the hair at the roots will start to revert and shrink during the week especially when you moisturise and seal your hair.
So what is the best style to help avoid daily manipulation and shrinkage of your new growth? The answer is simple, put it in a long term protective style, ie wigs, large box braid or weave but ensure you follow the correct hair care procedures for installing, maintaining and removing extensions. You can read about these by clicking here.

I hope you have found this post helpful. Are you on a stretch? Please share any tips you use to make your wash day easier.

My next post will be a quick tip on why it is not advisable to use water alone to moisturise your hair. See you soon.



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