Hair Update

Hello ladies

Its been another little while.  I am sorry.I have so many commitments at the moment and its still a bit of a struggle to balance life and blogging but I’ll keep trying.  How is everyone’s hair journey going?

This is a very short hair update post.  I am now 16 weeks post relaxer and still following my wig regimen for a few more weeks.  I have managed to stick to my regimen but I slacked a little this past week with moisturising and sealing.   I need to get back on track with that.

I have a lot of new growth at the moment and my hair tends to matt and tangle a lot more than usual. I air dry in sections when I have loads of new growth.   Air drying this way helps to prevent matting and keeps my new growth stretched.


What’s happening with your hair ladies? 
Come back soon for my next post in which I share one of my go-to hairstyles …..and it isn’t a bun.



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Grapeseed Oil: You Should Try It!

Hello ladies

I am so sorry for the mini hiatus.  Its been a busy month and honestly I have been slacking a little but I am trying to catch up with everything including blogging.  I hope I am forgiven.
So I unintentionally began to use grapeseed oil on my hair a few months back and now that I realise how great it is, I am surprised it is not used as much as coconut or olive oil by ladies on a hair journey.
I hope that this post will encourage you to try it.

grapeseed oil 1

What Is Grapeseed Oil and Why It Is Good for Hair

Wine is made from grapes and the seeds of the grapes are usually unwanted by wine manufactures.
Grapeseed oil is obtained from these unwanted seeds.  Because grapeseed oil is a by-product of the wine making industry it tends to be relatively cheap.
Grapeseed oil is  rich in Vitamin e and ceramides.  It is light weight and does not have a strong odour.  Some of the great things that grapeseed oil does for hair includes

  • The ceramides helps to smoothen the cuticle layer making hair look less frizzy.
  • It blesses our hair which a shine!!!!
  • It is a very good at keeping moisture sealed in but does not weigh hair down like many oils tend to.  It not sticky or greasy
  • It has antioxidant and contains fatty acids which some research has claimed promotes hair growth, strengthens hair strands and minimise thinning.
  • It helps in the fight against split ends.
  • A little off point but its great for your skin too.


How To Use Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil can be used as a

1)      Hot oil treatment

2)      Sealant

3)      Scalp massage oil

4)      Oil rinse


grapeseed oil 2

My Experience with Grapeseed Oil

I used to use olive oil as my sealant and although I liked it I felt my hair was a little weighed down by it.
I switched to using coconut oil for a few years and although it had a lot of benefits I did not think it helped me seal in moisture for long enough.  I decided olive oil was better and went back to it.

I actually purchased grapeseed oil for use on my skin but I tried it on my hair when I ran out of both olive and coconut oil.   My, my, my……the difference I saw in my hair that week made me a convert.

My hair retained moisture a lot better but my hair was not weighed down at all. It honestly made my hair look more vibrant and it felt smoother too.  Over time I noticed that my hair strands felt better.
I have been using grapeseed oil as a sealant for about 6 months now and my final verdict is that it has made my hair a better version of itself. I honestly wish I had tried it sooner

I should say that I have been more consistent with my regimen and have been drinking more water for a few months now and this probably also contributed to the improved state of my hair.

What do you use to seal the moisture into your hair? Have you tried a new sealant lately?

The next post will be a bun of the month post.
Come back soon



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Bed Hair Options

Hello ladies

I often get asked how I wear my hair to bed.  Many ladies ask if I wrap my hair or if I take down my bun every night.
I wrote a post a while back showing how I used to cross-wrap my hair at night.  You can read that post here.

I no longer cross wrap my hair at night and I certainly don’t do a traditional wrap either.
How I wear my hair now depends on what style I have worn that day.


Option One.

If I have worn a bun or style that I plan to wear again the next day,   I simply cover my bun/style with a big scarf.
The next day I use a hair mist/moisture spray to moisturise the outside of the bun/style and use a brush to neaten my edges.  My hair styles are never  tight or uncomfortable so there is no tension and I can sleep comfortably.


Option Two

Sometimes after moisturising and sealing my hair in sections, I put it in large twists and pile the twists on my head and cover with a scarf.  I also do this if the style I have been wearing has gotten too rough and I’ve taken it down to detangle and moisture and seal thoroughly.

The next morning I simply undo the loose twists and restyle my hair.

These two options work well for me.  What do you do to your hair when you’re going to bed?



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Bun of the Month – The Big and Fancy Bun

Hello ladies

I am back with the bun of the month series and this time I am keeping it really basic because all the pizzazz comes from the accessories used to decorate the bun.


I used a huge donut to create or stuff the bun because I was too lazy to use my own hair to create the size I wanted. After creating the bun I decided to decorate it with a bun holder I purchased from ASOS late last year.  I love the regal effect it created.



I also used a scarf to create  a more casual look.


What accessories do you use to make your styles more interesting?

The blog post will be about my new oil obsession, grapeseed oil.  I truly believe it may change my hair and skin game for good.
Come back soon


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40 Strands – My Hair Shedding Rate


I have been asked by many readers to share pictures of how much shed hair I get on my wash days and through the week.  I have written posts about the difference between shedding and breakage in these posts.

I don’t recommend comparing the amount of shedding you get to that of another lady because we all have different shedding rates, so you could be comparing your shedding to someone who naturally sheds less hair than you and then begin to worry that you are losing too much hair.
Some of my clients send me pictures of the amount of hair they have shed on their wash days and panic that their hair is breaking or that the amount of hair they shed is too high or higher than normal.

In this post I am sharing pictures of the amount of hair I shed on a wash days as a way to reassure readers that shedding is perfectly normal, do not panic ladies, you are not going bald.


The pictures above and below show the amount of hair I shed over the last 3 weeks and on my wash day.
My hair had been in box braids for 3 weeks as part of my wig regimen.  On my wash day, I undid the box braids and detangled thoroughly.  After shampooing and conditioning my hair I detangled a second time before air drying.
To me, it looks like a lot of hair but then I remind myself that this is just my own normal shedding rate.


Over the years on my hair journey I have learnt that I shed roughly 40 strands a day.  This means that over a three week period I shed about 840 strands of hair. Each stand of my hair is about 20 to 22 inches long so that why it looks like a lot of hair.

Remember your own shedding rate may be more or less than mine, the point is that you shouldn’t panic about shed hairs unless your hair begins falling out drastically and your hair is thinning out at alarming rates. When you have been on your hair journey for a while you will become familiar with how much shed hairs you tend to get and will know if your shedding rates has increased significantly.


Do you know how much hair you shed?

This month’s Bun of the Month post will be up in a few hours.  Come back soon


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