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I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I found out my blog Hairducation has been nominated for the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards in the Hair & Beauty category!!!!!!!

I am so happy and honoured by this nomination.  Hairducation only went live in 2013 so to be nominated for the 2014 awards is only the grace of God.

I would absolutely love to win the award but I can’t do it alone ladies, you can help Hairducation win by taking a few minutes to vote.


 How to Vote


Voting is completed in a few simple steps

1) Visit the voting page ( direct link to the page is provided below

2) Enter your name and your email address

3) Select Hairducation in the Best Beauty or Hair blog category

4) Scroll down to the end of the page and submit

5) You will receive a validation email from Please check your spam folders.
Click the link in the email in order to have your vote counted.

Voting closes on 6th April 2015
You don’t have to be located in Nigeria to vote.

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Please vote ladies and thank you in advance.



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  1. March 27, 2015 / 10:35 pm

    wow! congrats dear! i have given my vote…i hope it will be counted. Theres just so much info and motivation on this blog, you deserve to win :-)

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:02 am

      Thank you sooooooooooo much for all the support Juditherese and for voting.

  2. March 28, 2015 / 6:53 am

    I have voted. Hoping to see u win. :-)

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:03 am

      Thank you very much Modupe. :)

  3. Don't Touch the Hair
    March 28, 2015 / 11:36 am

    Congrats Lade!

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:03 am

      Thank you dear xxx

  4. March 28, 2015 / 12:56 pm

    I would have been shocked if you weren’t nominated. Don’t forget “it’s not how far but how well” and I think you’ve done remarkably well since you started your blog by providing useful information on hair care. Ps: Ive just voted for you and I really hope you win.

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:06 am

      Hilda, thank you for the very kind words of encouragement…..I hope God gives me the strength to make Hairducation even more informative and helpful.
      And a big thank you to you and other readers who take the time to support the blog.
      I appreciate you taking the time to vote.


  5. March 28, 2015 / 3:47 pm

    My vote is in!!! :)

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:07 am

      Much appreciated Candice

  6. Merabelle O.
    March 29, 2015 / 5:31 am

    Congrats on your nomination.
    Discovered this blog via NBA nomination page.
    Chai ! Where have I been all these while, been missing a lot.

    ….Started reading from the very begining, that is the very good place to start… I am here to stay.
    Amazing result you got there on your hair journey.

    Sure mai vote must count. *shine teeth*

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:09 am

      lol Merabelle, thank you.

      yay!!!! glad we have a new reader, hope you enjoying learning and growing with hairducation

      x Lade

  7. Zainab Muhammad Inuwa
    March 29, 2015 / 9:04 pm

    My vote is in,hoping dat u win.

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:11 am

      Thank you so much Zainab for taking the time to vote

  8. Nola
    April 2, 2015 / 3:16 pm

    Lade!! I will not vote for you if you dont respond to my email oo…Lol Oya respond first

    • omolade
      April 3, 2015 / 11:10 am

      Lol…I am meeting with you later on today God willing….. so please get voting.


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