The Final Bun

Hello ladies

And somehow we find ourselves at the end of another year.
God has been good and we are blessed to make it to this day. I have a lot to get off my chest about 2016 which I will do in a separate post because I didn’t want to write it in a rush.

This short post will be the final of the bun of the month series that I started this year. It’s no secret that I am bun obsessed due to my chronic hair styling laziness but I decided to push myself a teeny tiny bit and at least come up with some not so basic buns for this series.

So you may know I promised you an epic bun finale this month…. well I failed ladies, yes I failed….. well maybe not completely.
I felt inspired by the many gravity defying styles I had been seeing on the likes of Lupita and blogger/vlogger Chime Edwards and decided to create my own version…..which I did.
Unfortunately I created the style on a day I had many appointments and didn’t have enough time to take decent pictures or get the style to look neat enough before I had to dash out. I figured I would recreate it in December.

The effects of harmattan, dry and brittle hair!!!! this and a lot of new growth made styling a tad bit difficult. Ps I have clothes on in this picture, my hairs just covering it :)

When I finally got round to it in December the change in weather (harmattan) and a LOT of new growth meant my hair was not having any of that. My hair is supper stiff and just not compatible with styling at the moment.

As a very small compensation I do have one of the blurry pictures I took of the gravity defying multi bun.


My final bun of the month therefore is a somewhat basic two-strand twist bun. I hope you’re not too disappointed.


As we end 2016, I have to say thank you all so much, for your attention, your time, your messages, your kindness and positive vibes, for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours in this small way.

Here’s to happy hair journeys in 2017 but more importantly, to happy and healthy lives.



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  1. Bidemi
    January 8, 2017 / 5:06 am

    Hi Lade…informative blog u have…ders sumtin wich confuses me abt protective styling and wearing of wigs wyl on a hair journey…on ur post on moisturising nd sealing u sed one has 2moisturise nd seal hair (especially hair ends) everyday if jus starting her hair journey bt on protective styling u sed the main reason for styling hair protectively is to prevent hair from tangling;it is suposd 2b easy enuf to make,firm enuf 2last 4some days to prevent daily restyling and sud be able 2enclose d ends of hair…bt my questn is how can one moisturise nd seal daily if not by loosing d hair…wunt one always av to undo d protective styles alredi done on her hair anitym she wants to moisturise nd seal?…if so,dat mins she wud av to restyle hair everyday…pls i’d really lyk u to clarify that

  2. Bidemi
    January 8, 2017 / 5:14 am

    My question on wig is related 2d one above…when moisturising nd sealing,does one have to loose the braids or you can apply d oil wyl still on d calabar braids…anoda questn i’d lyk u 2ansa is-wich dyu recommend beta 4a lady just starting her hair journey to practice mor;the wig wearing or protective styling…am tinking wig wearing wud prevent as much hair loss as in protective styling of natural hair

  3. February 26, 2017 / 4:30 am

    I’m caucaision. I wear weaves though. My hair is just slow to grow. When some of it dies it thins out so much. I haven’t cut it in two years but I feel I’m getting g nowhere someday.i should have alot more hair than I do. I practice all the advice please help.

    • Lade
      March 11, 2017 / 12:53 am

      Hello Chi

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I wish I could give you certain advise but in all honesty majority of my knowledge is based on afro textured hair ( natural or relaxed)
      I can say that you should have had a trim as two years is a long time to not have had a cut. By now your ends would have become a little weathered and a trim can help keep your hair looking good and prevent breakage in the long run.
      I also know that conditioning is everyone hair types best friend but I am unsure of which type of conditioner you need.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

  4. Nelly
    March 16, 2017 / 12:55 pm

    Hello Lade, i love your blog. god bless you and thank God for inspiring you with this knowledge to help us. i lovvvvvveeeeeeee our hair. i look at it and am deeply encouraged on my hair journey. I have learned so much and know that one day soon my hair will be like yours. thanks girl and keep up the fabulous work

    • Lade
      May 3, 2017 / 10:07 pm

      Nelly…..thank you….so so so much for the compliments.
      I really do hope that you actually start a hair journey and that your hair blooms
      I will try…and probably should be trying hairder…to keep Hairducation going

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