Hello ladies,

I currently have two series (the bun of the month and Frequently Asked Questions series) on-going on Hairducation at the moment.
I decided to add a third one called quick tips. As the name indicates, the series will give very helpful tips which may not seem to be important but can make a significant difference on a hair journey. The posts will also be super short so I can crack them out easily and you can grab the gist of them quickly.


Quick Tip 1 – Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Detangling my hair whilst putting it in box braids. As part of my wig regimen, I put my hair in box braids so my wig can sit well.


The first quick tip I would like to share is to have a mirror nearby when detangling your hair. Our fingers are good at finding and removing tangles but some tangles can be tight and difficult to remove. Being able to see the knot in the mirror  whilst undoing the tangle will make it easier  to separate the matted strands without loosing too much hair.
Remember less breakage equals thicker and longer hair.

I hope you have found this quick tip helpful.

Happy hair journey



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  1. GRACE
    March 29, 2016 / 12:59 am

    Ive Been Trying To Detangle My Hair B4 And After Wash,but The Under Growth Gives Me A Tough Time.And If I Succeed ,it Wont Take Long B4 It Becomes Tangled Again.Pls Wat Do I do To Keep It Untangled For At Least 2days.

    • Lade
      April 19, 2016 / 10:32 pm

      Hello Grace

      Unfortunately when hair has a lot of new growth it tends to tangle very easily and more often than normal and it takes longer to detangle. There really isn’t a way to avoid this unless you wear your hair in a style that stops it moving around eg braids, cornrows, didi, etc- This can be with or without extensions.
      Best of luck with it


  2. Teena
    May 23, 2016 / 2:46 am

    Hello Lade. Well done. . Lovely site. In your wig regimen post, you stated that you box braid your hair. My hair is pretty short. Is it ok to have them in say didi or cornrows instead when I want to use wigs? Thanks for your anticipated response.

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