How Wigs Helped Me Grow To Waist Lenght

With Wigs

The hair regimen I created and followed for the first three years of my hair journey was my wig regimen.  My wig hair regimen played an instrumental part in helping me grow from shoulder length to waist length.



At the beginning of my hair journey, my hair was severely damaged.  My hairline was thinning out and there were some patches at the back of my head where all the hair had broken off.  I was so concerned I visited one of the top trichology clinics in London for help.

The trichologist I saw noted that installing weaves back to back, braids and relaxing were taking its toll on my hair and that this was the reason my hair was breaking.  She advised that I should give my hair and scalp a break from weaves and braids.  She further advised that I should not relax my hair until my breakage issues were resolved.

I could not carry my hair in the dire state it was in and it broke even when I was being very gentle with it. I did not want to risk further hair loss from braids, weaves or relaxing. I wanted to protect my hair but still have complete access to it so that I could resolve my breakage problems.  I realised that the only way I could achieve all these goals was through wearing wigs.

I went out and bought my first wig and it was one of the best things I ever did for my hair.
I fell in love with wigs for the following reasons:

1) I had complete access to my hair so I could take care of it. I would clean and condition my hair on the weekends, experiment with different hair products and simply throw on my wig during the weekdays.

2) All the benefits of wigs came without the risk of damage to my hair and scalp from combing and pulling which are necessary to create braids and weaves.

3) I could change my styles as often as I wanted.

4) They were a great protective style.  Wigs allowed me to protect my hair with extensions rather than cause further destruction.  I could incorporate wigs into my hair journey.

Armed with the above information I created a hair regimen in which I wore wigs majority of the time.  I was so pleased with the progress I was seeing with my hair that I haven’t worn a sew-in weave or braids ever since.




Wearing Wigs by type 4

My sister and I wearing Hair by Type 4 Wigs ( with mum)

I have worn many wig styles: full wigs, half wigs, lace front wigs and u-part wigs.
I felt the most comfortable in u-part wigs because they looked like weavons and didn’t give me an obvious “wiggy” look.  For this reason, U-part wigs are the only type of wigs I wear .  I get many compliments when I wear extensions and most people are shocked when I tell them I am actually wearing a wig  and not a weave.

I was never truly satisfied with the look, hair texture or fullness of the wigs I bought.  I would go the hair shop and look at all the various hair wefts and wish I could turn them into a wig.  So my sister and  I took the plunge.
It was out of  passion for healthy hair care and the desire to create styles that were believable and versatile that my sister and I set up Hair by Type4,  a  wig production company.  We create u-part wigs which have the visual appearance of sew-in weaves but with all the benefits and advantages of a weave.
Hair by Type4  carry a range of ready for purchase human hair wigs and  offer custom wig creation service.
For further information and to purchase a u-part wig   please visit the Hair by Type4 page.




1) Wigs give my hair and I a break from each other
Taking care of my  hair can be time consuming.  Sometimes I ‘am really not in the mood or I may be going through a really busy period and not have the time to follow my hair regimen properly.

On such occasions I wear one of my Hair by Type4 wigs.  It gives me a break from my full hair regimen and protects my hair.  So rather than neglect my hair, a wig allows me to follow a less intense regimen.

2) Wigs are versatile and fun
Short, long, wavy, curly, straight, wigs allow me to have fun with my hair styles without damaging or cutting my own hair.  Some styles require heat or a lot of combing to achieve and I just don’t want to put my own hair through that.  Also a style that may be appropriate for a party may be inappropriate for work, or I may get bored of a hair style or simply decide it doesn’t go with my outfit.  Wigs allow me to change my hair as often as I feel.  And because Hair by Type4 wigs look like weaves I can achieve a realistic look in under 5 minutes. What’s not to love!

3) Wigs help me stretch my relaxers
I prolong the periods between my relaxers.  Instead of relaxing every 6 to 8 weeks, I relax my hair every 20 weeks.   However 8 weeks after relaxing, my hair becomes a little bit difficult to manage because taking care of natural new growth and relaxed hair on the same head can be challenging.
Also hair that is due for a relaxer is at risk of breaking  because the line of demarcation (where the new growth meets previously relaxed hair) is usually very weak.

So to reduce the risk of breakage when I am stretching my relaxers, I wear wigs from week 9 to week 20 of my relaxer stretches.

I hope you have found the information above helpful.

Please see My Hair Regimens page to see the wig based regimen I used to grow my hair from shoulder length to waist length.

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