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The hair Journey


I often get asked what I did to make my hair grow.
The answer is simple.  My hair grew long after I started a healthy hair journey.

To start a hair journey you should;

1) review your current hair care and hair styling habits.
2) stop/minimise the bad practices which cause breakage and damage.
3) create and follow a hair regimen .

The general belief held by several ladies is that their hair is not long because it does not grow fast enough or  it is not capable of growing beyond certain lengths due to genes.  However the speed of hair growth and genes may not be the problem.  The problem in a lot of cases is damage, breakage and not being able to maintain the hair that has already been grown.  The secret to attaining long hair is to prevent  damage and breakage of the hair currently on your head.  Taking care of and preserving the hair we already have is key to long hair.
On a hair journey, you give your hair what it needs to flourish and fight breakage, so if you would like to attain longer and healthy looking hair you should start a hair journey.



Creating a hair regimen is the most important aspect of a hair journey.

A hair regimen simply involves using good quality hair products AND completing healthy hair care practices on a regular basis.  To create a hair regimen you will need to find good quality products that are compatible with your hair and learn some healthy hair care practices.             

The hair products you will need as part of a hair regimen are:

1) Shampoos
2) Deep Conditioners
3) Leave-in Conditioners
4) Moisturiser
5) Oil

Hair products alone will not fight breakage and damage or lead to longer hair.
There is no point in using good quality products only to cause damage and breakage through bad practices such as using too much heat, combing hair aggressively, neglecting your hair, etc .  For a hair journey to be successful and for a hair regimen to work, using good products MUST be combined with healthy hair care practices
Simply put, Good Products + Bad Hair Care Practices = Waste of Time and Money.


How i grew 2 -pre hair journey 2000


The pictures  above were taken two years apart.
I was using good products but my hair remained the same length because I was not following healthy hair practices. My hair was breaking at the same rate it was growing

 How i grew 3 - 1 year & 4 months - 3 years

When I started my hair journey, I created a hair regimen in which I combined the use of good products with healthy hair practices.
Over time, my hair began to thrive as can be seen in the pictures above and below.  These were also taken two years apart but the increase in length is clear.

How i grew my Hair

There are 5 healthy hair care practices you should learn about and complete as part of a hair regimen, these are:

1) Cleansing
2) Conditioning
3) Use of leave-in products
4) Day to day maintenance – moisturising and sealing
5) Protective Styling

For further information on
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