HAIR LOSS AT THE HAIR LINE (Part 2) – How To Prevent and Re-grow Receeding Hair Lines



Hello ladies,

I hope you’ve read part one of this series in which I set out some causes of receding hairlines.
Please note that our hairline is naturally more sparse than other areas of our hair however if you notice that your hairline is getting thinner than normal you should address this issue.
In this blog post, I will share tips that help to prevent receding hairlines and show how re-grow them if some hair loss has already occurred.  Please note that a few tips have already been shared in part one.

1) Review and Adjust Your Techniques and Styles
Be aware of how you handle your hair.
Are you being gentle enough with it?  Look at your tools.  Is your brush soft enough? Is your comb too fine?  Are you combing or brushing your hair unnecessarily? Is your hair moisturised and sealed before you style it.

Review your hairstyle choices and make adjustments where necessary, for instance, when you wear a bun if you feel a pull on your nape and edges when you turn or move your head, you should loosen the bun. Buns don’t have to be excessively tight to look cute.  Don’t sacrifice the health of your edges for the sleekness of a hair style.
Also try wearing styles that don’t put pressure or tension on your edges, eg faux fringes and bangs. -bunwith less tension

Getting in on the “selfie” action before the year runs out :)
Bun with bangs to hide/protect my edges


2) Full Weaves, Lace Front Wigs and Other Full Wigs
These can place a lot of weight on your edges because they are either sewed on, glued on or have clips that need to be placed on your hairline t lay flat and  have a realistic finish. These styles place weight and tension your edges for a prolonged period.
So although a lot of ladies believe that full wigs/weaves offer greater protection, for ladies with very delicate hairlines, they may actually do more harm than good.  If your hairline is naturally very fragile or has become very sparse I wouldn’t advise you to wear such styles.

3) Hair Left Out
When wearing a half weave or half wig, ensure you are taking care of the hair you leave out.  The hair left out still needs to be cleansed and conditioned.
You may not have to deep condition; conditioner may be applied to the hair left out and rinsed after 10 minutes.  Be gentle when handling hair left out and ensure you are still sleeping with your hair covered with a satin scarf.  Most importantly the hair must be moisturised and sealed regularly especially before going to bed.

Keep use of heat on hair left out to a minimum.  Rather than pressing the hair with a straightner, you can moisturise and seal the hair left out at night, tie it down with a scarf so the hair is flat and in-place over night.  When you remove your scarf the next morning your hair should be smooth and flat.

4) Don’t Be A Repeat Offender
If you notice that your hairline is becoming sparse when you wear some hairstyles, ensure that you/your stylist are being gentle when creating or undoing such styles.
Also make sure that you are taking care of your hair and hairline whilst wearing the style.  If despite your efforts your hairline keeps receding, consider giving up those styles.

Don’t simply wait for your edges to re-grow only to re-do the hair style .

Don’t take the fact that your hair line grows back for granted. If you continue with this habit the hair in those areas will become increasingly sparse and may eventually stop growing.

5) Hairline Products
There are so many products on the market which help to keep edges smooth or laid.  Avoid using harsh products which leave your hair feeling dry and crunchy like some gels and holding spritz do.
Products such as Edge Control or Smooth n Hold Pudding or natural gel products like Eco Styler Gel are better options.  Also natural options such as aloe vera gel or shea butter are great.

edges 5


6) Massage

Many ladies testify that massaging black castor oil into their hairline daily has helped them re-grow their edges.  A  few drops of castor oil can be massaged into their hairline for a few minutes daily or a few times a week.


Try to get some black castor oil but If you are unable to find it, do not despair.  Other oils like olive oil can be used.  This is because it is the massage that is the most crucial for the re-growth.
The massaging encourages blood circulation to the hair follicles.  Blood circulation helps to deliver nutrients to the follicles thereby facilitating continued hair growth.  It helps if you are eating right, staying fit and drinking water. Healthy bodies will produce healthy hair. 

Essential oils can be added to the castor/olive oil as this encourages blood flow to the follicles.  Peppermint, rosemary are favourites. Essential oils should not be used without being diluted as they are quite strong. Please check with your doctor before using essential oils if you are pregnant.

Time frame, it may take several months of regular massage to see progress depending on how much damage your hairline follicles are.   It may take 4 to 6 months to see an improvement. This is because when hair is pulled out from follicle, new hairs form and eventually grow out of the scalp and this process takes time.
As noted above follicles that have been permanently damaged may not produce new hairs.

7) See a Trichologist

If you have severe hair loss at your hairline( or any part of your hair) and believe the hair loss may be permanent, I would recommend that you see Trichologist for diagnosis and treatment.
If you have lost your edges from traction alopecia, chemical burns or bad hair care practices and they are not re-growing, despite regular scalp massages, use of essential oils and being in good health, it is possible that you may have suffered damage to the hair follicles at your hairline and you may need to see a Trichologist who can advise on prescription restorative treatments or procedures.


I hope you have found this to be a worthwhile read.

Have you noticed your hair line getting thing or receding.  If yes which of the above do you think you might try?



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  1. Tolu
    January 2, 2014 / 3:16 pm

    Hmmmm. To think i recently bought a somewhat pricey lace front full wig :|. This 4 to 6 month regrowth period timeline is long oh. At least there’s hope though. Thanks for this Lade.

  2. Lorna
    August 27, 2014 / 2:41 pm

    Enjoyed your blog and hair eduction. Loved it even more when I saw that your have my twin-sister’s castor oil product in your blog. Yeah!

  3. Felicia
    October 8, 2015 / 2:53 pm

    What do you mean by comb too fine?

    • omolade
      October 11, 2015 / 8:46 pm

      Hello Felicia
      Its when a comb is too small, the teeth of the comb are very close together. A bigger or wider tooth comb has more space between each teeth of the comb.
      So for example a rat-tail comb is a fine comb.
      I hope that helps

  4. Kuukua
    October 19, 2015 / 9:29 pm

    hi lade! please how many minutes a day must one take to massage her edges for maximum effects? thank you!

  5. Nomphelo
    February 5, 2016 / 11:34 am

    hi how do i put weave if my hairline is damaged, stayed for a month without weave just using wig and take off afer work. but need i just miss my weave.

  6. Kuukua
    May 2, 2016 / 3:20 am

    hi lade! can you give me the differences between regular castor oil and jbco? and can I use regular castor oil to thicken my hair and grow my edges back? please reply! thanks!

  7. farrah
    July 11, 2016 / 2:20 am

    what if I use bangs to vover up my receeding bald hairline plese help ad I tend to wear only hats zs tbe temple of my hair zre now bold

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