Why I became A Certified Hair Care Consultant

Hairducation Certification 1


My journey to becoming certified actually started before Hairducation went live. Whilst still building the blog, I told ladies who approached me for advice that the blog would be going live soon and they could learn how to care for their hair on the site. I always got two types of reactions.  Some ladies looked forward to reading the blog whilst others didn’t seem so keen.  These ladies often made comments such as “oh I have to read the blog” or “I just don’t see myself doing it”.

This second reaction got me thinking about ladies I had introduced to other hair care blogs in the past but still maintained their bad hair care habits and continued to have major issues with their hair. I realised at that point that the “self help”, learn and do it yourself approach to hair journeys simply does not work for every woman. I believe the following types of ladies don’t gain much from hair care blogs

1)      Ladies who don’t do their hair themselves Hair care blogs are great for ladies who want to take charge of their hair and gradually do it all themselves.  However there many ladies who prefer to go to salons and may not be keen on doing their hair themselves.  So learning how to care for hair when they have no intention of doing it themselves may seem redundant.

2)      Ladies who want a healthy hair transformation but do not necessarily want to become hair care gurus The fact is not every woman wants to learn the ins and outs of black hair just so she can take care of it.  These ladies want to improve their hair but may be overwhelmed by the information or simply not be willing to get that deep into hair care do’s and don’ts.  And there is no crime in that.

3)      Ladies who need an intervention  These are the ladies whose hair never seems to thrive and is increasingly getting worse.  Such ladies are looking for miracle products and help from stylists. That was me before my hair journey.  I was looking for help for my hair but couldn’t find it.  When I did find help on social media, I had to go through the process of figuring it all out for myself which took a few months  because I wanted to be sure of what I was getting myself into.  In those months, my hair loss continued. What I needed at the time and couldn’t get was an intervention.  I needed someone to assess my hair, review my hair care habits, tell me what I was doing right and wrong, set me on the right part and support me through the process.

With all the above in mind, I decided that somewhere down the line I would want to offer a more hands  personalised consultation and support service for ladies who wanted it. The first step of me offering this personalised service was for me to receive formal training and get certified.  I did not want to be a self appointed consultant and I wanted to make sure I was qualified for the task.


Hairducation certification 3 After deliberating on what exactly I wanted to offer and the structure of the service, I had the task of finding a course that would give me appropriate training.  I eventually found a training institute in London, England that offered exactly what I needed, a diploma in hair care focusing specifically on black hair.

The course was very intensive; we spent the mornings learning theory on various aspects of black hair structure and care.  Around midday we would move to the salon within the institute where we would practice what we had learnt on mannequin heads.  In the afternoon we would work on live models/clients.  There was hardly a moment to take a break, it was full on…and I absolutely loved it.

The course included training on client consultations, hair and scalp analysis, patch testing, relaxing, trimming, working with extensions, health and safety and so much more.  I was impressed by the combination of science based theory classes and the practical salon sessions.  It was certainly worth flying 6000miles for.

Hairducation certification 2


I have recently completed the final aspects required for the service to go live which involved finding a salon which understood and were keen to incorporate my services. I will do a detailed post soon to share how the Hairducation Consultation and Support service will work. What I will say for now is that the service will benefit everyone whether it is ladies who simply want to kick start their hair journey and need a bit of initial coaching or ladies who want a full on salon implemented regimen.

I hope you will be back soon to learn more about the consultation service and for my next post about co-washing.



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