6 Facts You Should Know Before You Start a Hair Journey

 6 Facts you should know

If you have just discovered healthy hair care journeys, it is likely that you will be tempted to start one immediately.  Although this is a positive thing, before starting a hair journey there are some facts that must be pointed out.  These are facts I believe you should be aware of before starting a hair journey.

1 Time

It takes time to understand the different types of hair products available and to learn how to use them correctly.  Creating a regimen that is suitable for your hair type and lifestyle can also be time consuming.
Please note also that improvements in your hair will not occur overnight; positive results will be achieved over a period of time; months and years not days or a few weeks.
You have to be patient and have a realistic and fact based mind set on how long it will take you to achieve your desired hair health and length goals.

2 Consistency and dedication

When you start a hair journey and create your hair regimen, you have to be consistent and remain dedicated.  There is no point taking care of your hair for a few weeks, ignoring it for months and then expect to see a positive change in your hair.    Not being consistent with your hair regimen will only lead to disappointment.  You have to incorporate healthy hair care practices into your lifestyle on a permanent basis.  At first this may seem tasking and  complicated however it will eventually become second nature.

3 On-going Review

If you have begun a hair journey, it is likely that you will have purchased new products and commenced healthy hair practices.  You will have to review whether the products and practices are working for you or not.  Ensure you are using the products correctly and assess how your hair reacts after a few uses.   A hair journey and hair regimen should be flexible. It should start with the basic products and practices which you can adjust until you find the perfect regimen for you.

4 Do it yourself between salon visits

It is important that you find a good salon for processes like relaxers and colour treatment.  Finding a good salon is important because you do not want all your efforts in caring for your hair to go to waste by patronising a salon that will damage your hair through improper practices that may cause a setback on your hair journey.

After finding a good salon, do not neglect or mistreat your hair between salon visits. You should ensure you take care of your hair yourself in the days or weeks between the salon visits.  Neglecting or mistreating your hair may cause damage which even a good salon may not be able to reverse.

5 What works for her may not work for you

A hair regimen is unique to each individual.   Products which work perfectly for one lady may not work or be suitable for another.   A hair journey requires some trials with products and techniques to discover which are most suitable for your hair.  Start with a basic regimen using well recommended products.  You can then amend your regimen as you go along, if necessary.

6 Overall Health

A healthy lifestyle, drinking water, sleep, a balanced diet and exercise must not be overlooked.   A poor diet, illness, stress, hormonal imbalances etc are factors that can slow down the growth or increase the shedding rates of your hair.   If you think that you are experiencing hair loss as a result of health issues, medical conditions or hormonal imbalances you must see a doctor and/or trichologist. 


I hope the points mentioned above have not discouraged anyone from starting a hair journey.  I thought it was important to be frank and set out the reality of what a hair journey entails to prevent frustration.  I for one have found my hair journey rewarding.  Like any goal in life, it is satisfying when you meet and/or exceed your goals.   I learnt all the above facts before I began my hair journey but they didn’t deter me, if anything I was super excited to get going.

So ladies, are you up for the challenge?

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